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Meet the Organizers

Bill Brock @bbrock25

Bill Brock is a native born Chattanoogan with passions for technology and education. He currently works as a Computational Engineer at SimCenter Enterprises and is also Managing Director of engage 3D.

Jonathan Cleary

Michael Greenberg

Past Organizers
Allie O'Connell @allie_wonders
Andrew Glagolev @andrewglagolev

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Past Presenters

A coding and design summer program for students between 12 and 18 years old living in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

The Chattery


The Chattery provides fun, accessible and affordable classes throughout the community. We offer classes that stimulate both the left and right brain like: knitting, financial planning, mixology, coding and a variety of others.



Bellhops is a nationwide moving company. We utilize cutting edge technology to connect customers who need relocation services with local college students.

Binary Brew Works


Beer For Geeks, By Geeks Binary Brew Works strives to provide quality brew from the geek/hacker perspective. Non-offensive, flavorful ales that pack a punch, marketed to the geek in all of us. What is the hacker perspective? Passion, curiosity, community, and willingness to try new things. These are the foundation for everything we do at the brewery.

Open Chattanooga


Open Chattanooga is a collaborative working together to make local public data open, available and useful.

Motlow Distilling Company

Artfully crafted brands of whiskey, medicinal liquor, and savory condiments, ethereally transcribed to ferment a future, distilled in the past.

Click Click BOOM


Click Click Boom provides an online, an all-in-one multi-channel communication platform businesses and organizations can use to communicate directly to their customers mobile device. The platform can send messages via, text, email, social media. It allows a business to build surveys, trivia, voting/polling, loyalty programs and redeemable UID coupons. The analytics on any campaign are easily displayed so marketers know which campaigns work and which ones do not work.

Beyond Right Now Technologies Incoroporated


Triple bottom line; Profit, People, and Planet. Passionate People Producing Profit Selling Sustainable Solutions to Perilous Problems Products are Precision Agriculture Automation Platforms as a Service (PrAgPaaS). Member of the Inaugural Cohort of the Next Farm Agriculture Innovation Accelerator Accelerator based at Northwest Tennessee Entrepreneur Center in Martin, Tennessee.

A publishing platform that helps authors capture more attention and earn more appreciation than typical publishing options.

Change -N- Go


We come to your business or company to provide oil change services, saving employees time and money. We specialize in changing oil and target our services for employees, fleets, and company cars.

Warm Bath Books


Warm Bath Books is a digital publishing company that specializes in language learning ebooks. Dedicated to making learning a new language fun and exciting, we transform your favorite stories into language immersion adventures. We start with a classic story written in your primary language, but gradually weave more and more words from your target language directly into the text. This proven method keeps you engaged in the learning process, making it the best way to discover a new language.



Right now there's no platform to showcase the amazing things us Blerds are doing and what drives us to do it. That’s what BN is: a place to encourage young and old. BlerdNation (BN) is where we, Black Nerds (Blerds), find out what other Blerds are up to and into. It’s positivity. It’s encouragment. It’s highlighting the black community in a unique way.

Society of Work


The Society of Work is a community of diligence located in Chattanooga, TN. This shared workplace houses professionals of various trades, tools, and talents, each committed to building a culture where things get done.

Mama's Got Mail


Mama's Got Mail is a monthly gift subscription service that sends emotional support and thoughtful, fun gifts to moms.

The Crash Pad: An Uncommon Hostel and the Flying Squirrel


To further Chattanooga as an ultimate outdoor destination by providing a base camp and community hub for adventurous travelers.



A cloud based, process improvement software for the manufacturing world - manage, control and prevent failures effectively.

Felt is a startup out of Telluride and Chattanooga whose signature iPad app reinvents personal correspondence. Users can write and send personal, handwritten cards in the mail using their iPads. Felt is dedicated to innovating meaningful, tangible ways for human beings to connect.

We bridge the gap between young adults and community financial institutions (CFIs) by reinventing the mobile banking experience.

Second Site


Second Site LLC is a developer of premium Augmented Reality (AR) content and applications. Focusing on rich and immersive interactive AR experiences, Second Site introduces and promotes content providers to a rapidly expanding mobile end user market.

Mira Designs


Mira is a retail technology company focused on bringing online information into the in-store shopping experience, providing more information to shoppers and retailers.

The UNFoundation


The UNFoundation awards monthly grants to Chattanoogans with great ideas.

Chattanooga Public Library - 4th Floor


The 4th Floor is the library's beta space. The library prototypes new services and workflows there. We also use it as a multi-purpose public facility for the production of culture and knowledge as well as a transformation lab for the entire library system.



We sell building materials online.

WeCounsel Solutions, LLC


WeCounsel is a cloud based platform that allows mental health providers to communicate and interact with their clients in an online setting.

The Company Lab


CO.LAB exists to increase the viability of startups by connecting them with the resources they need, from mentorship and industry connections to capital and customers. We conduct programs and events in Chattanooga to support entrepreneurs and innovators, and work to be a catalyst for a healthy entrepreneurial community.



Banyan is the easiest way for scientists and academics to share, collaborate and publish research.

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